Beauty treatments for women’s brain

The Mind Beauty Farm is the book you should definitely read if:

  1. you feel that something is missing in your life (but you don’t know what it is);
  2. you just broke up with a troglodyte, stingy and misogynist or you are looking for the courage to break up with him;
  3. you can’t stand anymore your job, your boss or your colleague (or each of them);
  4. you start to think that your prince charming has a family in another hemisphere; but most of all…
  5. if you love yourself (or want to start).

The Mind Beauty Farm is a wonderful regenerating path for all women who want to take back their life and rediscover their inner beauty.

You can find the English version of The Mind Beauty Farm (ebook) at Amazon.

The book is published by Leone Editore.

Enjoy your Beauty Farm!