Once upon a time, in the glittering world of business, there was a career woman. One fine day she woke up (from inner sleep, I mean) and from that moment she began to write her own fairy tale…

Hello and welcome to The BloggHer, my personal virtual space. 

My name is Rona, I was born in 1980 thanks to the wonderful Gynecologist who would later become my father-in-law (but this is another fairy tale…) and I grew up in Italy.

I did classical studies and graduated in law. After a Master at a Business School, I started working as a business lawyer in international law firms (the cool ones with the giant windows and designer furniture you see in TV series). I lived in Rome, Milan and London where I won the scholarship Women in Business, and got an MBA.

There has always been a constant in my life: the attraction to our inner world. Over the years I have read any existing manual, book and paper on the subject. I went from philosophy to esotericism, from management to coaching, from theology to leadership. I wanted to understand the logic behind our behaviors and what drives our instinct. I wanted to analyze the mental processes that drive personal improvement and that allow us to access our potential. In short: I wanted to know more about “how we do work”.

What I didn’t know, however, is that these studies would have made the difference in my life. Getting lost in the pages of those books, I had in fact started to really know myself, to identify my false beliefs and to clarify what was really important to me. I had begun to understand that being satisfied is one thing, but being happy is another. And that success had nothing to do with those “cool” law firms, but with the freedom to live a life alligned with my priorities and my values. This awareness gave me the courage to change, take a new direction and start building the life that I really wanted for myself.

And so she making a career, but she is happy

The work I did on myself was so crucial that, suddenly, the passion for personal growth turned into a mission: I wanted to inspire women to be happier.

Thus (just to do something different than usual), I went back to studying: I attended the school for life and business coaches of the “Society of NLP ™” by Richard Bandler and John Grinder becoming a Professional Coach and Master Practitioner in NLP.

My eternal love for writing then did the rest: in 2017 my first book was published, The Mind Beauty Farm, a self-help book for women and, subsequently, Chocolate & the City, a novel partially inspired by my London experience, dedicated to women who want to close with the past and start over. Both books are also available in Italian language. And there are WIP for other news…

This blog was born to continue sharing with you what I have understood through my journey, so that you can draw inspiration from it, because perhaps the time has come for you to write your own fairy tale…

And the key is… (suspense jingle)you!

Or rather, you + me… 😉

If this intrigues you, my advice is to start from here: Why it is important to heal your spirit.

With love,


“There is only one type of success: that of making your life what you want”

Henry David Thoreau